Frequently Asked Questions

When is this site based?

Devil's Trap is currently based during our version of the events of season one. This means that the psychic kids powers have only began to manifest in certain months, demonic possessions have become more and more common, and those hunters who know what to look out for have begun preparing for war. It also means Sam Winchester has recently returned to the world of hunting alongside his brother Dean. One key difference between our site and the show is the fact this is happening in 2020 rather than 2005.


Are you canon compliant?

The honest answer to this is yes and no. If this were a television show we’d probably be described as a reboot. We try to preserve the general atmosphere of the original show and follow its lore as much as possible. However, we do tend to ignore lore introduced in later seasons to return Demons to the all but impossible kill creatures they were originally made out to be. In terms of characters provided certain basic characteristics are still maintained we have no problems with members changing things such as their gender, sexuality, ethnicity etc as needed.


Does this mean I can be the son / daughter / brother / sister of a canon character?

As we consider ourselves a reboot rather than a more faithful adaptation requests like this will be treated on a case by case basis. In general though the decision will lie with the existing players of that family and if none exist the admin team. For instance if someone applied wanting to play a girl born between Sam and Dean it would be up to the players of John, Dean, Sam and Adam to decide whether they are comfortable with this addition or not. The reason for this is their characters are the ones most affected by the characters introduction and we feel it isn’t fair to permit a change they are uncomfortable with. However, if all the Winchesters were free when the request was made it would be at the admin teams discretion.


Can I make characters from other shows or books?

No, we are currently only accepting original characters or characters from the TV show supernatural.


Can I make characters from alternative dimensions or AU versions of canons?

At present no. However, this may change in future depending on the direction the plot takes us in. Staff will amend this page and post an announcement if/when such a change occurs.


Have you a ban on any powers and species?

Yes, in order to match the season one setting of the board certain species and abilities introduced later on will require admin approval approval, and this will only be granted for a specific board wide plot. However, it is likely that some of these species, such as Angels, will become available at a later date when they fit into the plot of the board. Find below the list of Creatures and Abilities currently banned.





Knight of Hell

Horse Men



Prince of Hell

Primordial Beings (God, the Darkness, the Empty etc)

White Eyed Demon



Chronokinesis - The ability to travel back and forth in time at will is forbidden to all creatures. 

Exorcism – The power to send demons back to hell with nothing but the power of their mind. However, it should be noted that exorcisms achieved through the use of specific rituals are permitted. 

Immortality – The exceptions of course being specific long living species such as vampires and demons.

Portal Creation – In world teleporting is permitted, but portals to other dimensions and worlds are not. The only exceptions to this are Demons who can travel between Heaven and Earth via Devil Gates.

Reality Warping - The ability to warp reality to meet their needs and wishes is forbidden for all creatures.

Resurrection - The ability to resurrect yourself and others from the dead exactly as you were while human. The only exception to this are Crossroad Demons and even then this can only occur via a deal. 

Smiting – The power to turn demons to dust with the power of their mind or through the use of weapons is forbidden to all creatures. In the world of Devil's Trap there are no known ways to kill a demon.