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10 Jun, 2021 13:49

Despite his best attempts at respectability Sam Winchester did not look much better than the professor he sought. There were bags under his eyes from several nights with little to no sleep and he looked pale from a lack of natural sunlight. It had been a week since Jessica died, two days since her funeral, and Sam was an emotional mess. The hardest part had been trying to offer comfort to her parents. It had taken all he had not to blurt out that he was the one responsible for the death of their daughter. It was only the knowledge it was safer for them to go on believing Jess had passed away in a house fire that stayed his hand. Sam knew the spirit of Jess, wherever she was, would never forgive him if her parents got killed trying to avenge her. 

The Winchester had spent the day so far visiting his Professors to inform them of his decision to take a sabbatical and thank them for all they’d done for him. The shaggy haired Winchester felt it was the least he could do, and it gave him something to do while they waited on Brady’s injuries to heal up. The newly returned hunter hoped his absence from Stanford would be short, but he was realistic enough to realise that was unlikely. His dad had been hunting the Yellow Eyed Demon for over twenty years now after all. 

Sam took a deep breathe before he knocked on the door of the final professor he wanted to see. While Anthropology wasn’t exactly his planned specialist area it had been a fascinating class. Plus, the fact he’d spent his childhood researching lore for hunts had proven to be a surprising advantage at times. When he heard a call from inside the younger Winchester let himself in and shut the door behind him. Sam looked rather casual in his plaid top and pair of light blue denim jeans. “Professor Thorn, I just wanted to let you know I won’t be in your class for a while” a hand reached to run nervously through his thick hair. “After Jess…” he paused deciding to let the man fill in the blanks. A student dying in a house fire; Sam would be surprised if there was a single person on campus who hadn’t heard the fate of his girlfriend. “Well, I just need a break from college life. Some time to clear my head…” 

“Hustle you? Who do you take me for?” Sophia remarked with her face the utter picture of innocence there…she definitely felt like she could do this here, get some easy cash off of him. After all, she had tried to earn her money the moral or legitimate way most times, so that way, she would feel like she was human… still, not being able to pick up the triangle rack stung her, on a level she couldn’t imagine.

She caught herself though, figuring that even if he noticed, it was not the sort of detail he would pay any attention to. After all, most people had no clue or awareness of the supernatural at all, figuring it was still something that existed only in the imaginations of children…which is what Sophia knew that it was better for them to believe, rather then know that the creatures of the night literally could go bump..

“No…I can take care of myself though, I just didn’t feel like picking them up if I’d lost…” she shrugged, figuring there was no way that he would get what she was laying down, as it was not something that most people would..not even think about. She smelled the food though, as she felt it was a good distraction, as she turned over to walk to the bar, as she blinked for a second at seeing the utensils set out.

“I brought my own,” she said quick as a flash, a sealed plastic fork and knife that she’d got from a fast food joint down the road would appear in her hand. The food itself looked good, chicken breast with string beans on the side… she was hungry, although she knew this wouldn’t really allievate her hunger, just make it appear like she was…and hell, sometimes she ate human food just for the taste, a little reminder of what she wanted to be. It didn’t occur to her just than that it had been a test, one she had promptly failed…

She sat down at the bar, cutting herself a piece, and chewing, it was good, as she nodded. “Well, I have to say that you really know what I like,” she said as she indicated the food, as she turned and looked at the newcomers, noting that they were all sitting together. Made sense, they were already starting to get quite a few beers… no wonder that would be easy to get them good and liquored up so they might make easy mistakes. “They look like they are in no real condition to give a good account of themselves,” she said as she turned to look at Pytho, drinking another sip of her beer, as she was more and more relaxed and confident now. Not knowing she’d already been made.

07 Jun, 2021 14:45

A smirk graced the features of Pytho’s handsome meastsuit as ‘Ashley’ spoke of them hustling the new group. The Demon debated the merits of her proposed scheme. On the one hand, his more bloodthirsty side thought it could be fun since the chances were high that a group of insecure boys playing at being men would react violently to being humiliated by a woman and an ‘old’ man. On the other hand, he was meant to be lying low, as he played the dutiful father while seducing Maya to the dark side and a brawl with a group of precocious thugs was hardly that.  

The Demon smirked as he moved forward and leant over ass first to make his shot. He would succeed in hitting one of the balls at an angle that allowed it to smash against the ball she’d sent to the bottom resulting in them both landing in the hole. He arched a brow at the innuendo but otherwise failed to respond despite the more vulgar commentary coming from the small smidgen of Nathan’s consciousness that was still aware after all these years. “Are you trying to hustle me Miss. Ashley?” He asked teasingly in response to her reference about it being his game. Her concession made the Demon wonder if the little huntress had something up her sleeve. 

The Black Eyed Demon watched as she reached for the triangle rack only to retreat and foist the job on to him instead. Centuries of practicing how to control his body language allowed his expression to remain impassive while his curiosity was piqued. Why would she avoid doing such a simple task? It was only when he reached over to collect the balls, as requested; the material of the rack came to mind. It was silver.  Why would a hunter avoid silver? Unless… Could he be dealing with a werewolf or some other creature with an aversion to silver? Pytho stifled the urge to laugh at the idea of a monster posing as a hunter. But if that was the case then what was her ultimate goal? 

“I didn’t think you’d be the type to need a man to do the dirty work for her” he teased lightly in an attempt to ensure his recent revelation wasn’t too obvious. It wasn’t as though a run of the mill human would make the leap of logic that aversion to silver could potentially equal a supernatural creature. 

It was then he caught the sight of one of the bar staff gesturing to the food which had recently been laid out for them out of the corner of his eye. “I guess your plan to hustle the newcomers will have to wait until after dinner” he leant in close enough to whisper that she’d feel his breathe against his ear. The Black Eyed Demon confidently walked back to the bar and picked up a glass of juice as he waited for ‘Ashley’ to catch up with him. He was very interested to see her reaction to the silver knife and fork the bartender had left beside her plate. 

07 Jun, 2021 14:39

Mike had been getting less and less sleep, was probably the amount of the papers he had to grade. He had spent many days now trying to figure out where Spencer was, last he had saw of his eldest he was being taken over by a fowl creature of damnation.


His hair was a askew and he was nursing a hot cup of tea, the bags underneath his eyes were a sign he and julie had been up far longer than they had intended, looking for there baby boy. Julie was competly beside her self, blaming her self for what had happened, of course mike tried to console his wife he him self was feeling the burn of it all.


Ben hadent come out of his room in days, he was eating,sleeping and just repeating. All three of them facing different sides of grief and loss, he was pouring over class notes when he herd footsteps appear outside his door.

Sophia nodded, scratching her head, as she shrugged… Well, she supposed the new girl might come over sooner or later, she wasn’t going to chase her down if she didn’t….but the next item was interesting. “Wendigo…these things are the supernatural cannibals right?” She hadn’t come across them yet… but from everything she;’d heard, she was probably lucky that she had not, these sounded very vicious.

“I know right? I don’t know that any self respecting monster would ever call themselves these names…at least the ones that can talk,” she said, as she snuck another bite out of her pie, feeling it was delicious, and not feeling a single trace of irony based off what she’d just said. Yes she was a monster, fine…but she was doing her best to be as human as possible, as she took another drink of her beer, feeling great.

Her enhanced hearing could hear what Ashley was talking about, as she followed the conversation absently, not giving any sign that she could, as she could tell she was walking back towards the bar…. Seems she was heading for Dean, made sense, she thought, as she looked back at Dean. Dean meanwhile, he seemed to be quite the charmer, and Sophia chuckled slightly, as she nodded…

“Yeah, I was thinking about heading out there tomorrow or so…not really feeling like testing my luck in the middle of the night in a strange town…” She’d done that before, once or twice, and usually it didn’t end well. Normally because creatures of the night, they could trace each other by scent, and could be territorial. Which made it trickier for her, as sometimes she was being hunted, or just watched warily by whatever was out there.

“And your right…I have to see what I have. I’ve been there with not being prepared when something I’m not ready for jumps out of the woods…never a fun time.” Unlike a human though, Sophia could defend herself without a weapon, although she didn’t like to, as it reminded her that she was just another creature that went bump in the night, despite whatever pretensions to being human she might have…

She returned her gaze to the other waitress, just catching that…”Rugaru…I heard about these. They start out human right? But the change isn;’t until later on?” It kind of reminded her of her own situation, although from what she had read it was something of a dormancy which they went through, that they could be unaware of their own monster status. She felt that was pretty sad actually, to not know that they could possess a danger to their friends and family like that…it was a terrible thing.

Dean's ears and eyes perked up when Sophia mentioned that there was a lead she'd picked up on in the direction Dean was headed. He nodded absent-mindedly at the waitress when she offered him another whiskey. His attention was fixated on what Sophia was going to say about this 'lead' she mentioned to him. 'Animal attacks' were the basic cover up or rather lack of knowledge that most homicide detectives settled with for a cause of death. The truth was that there were a lot of monsters that Dean had came across over the years of hunting that made this the default cause of death in most towns. The tricky part was getting into the specific weird details that the coroners and homicide team would have such as missing organs on the victims or strange markings on the bodies. 

Werewolves....skin walkers... Dean listened to her suggestions but the truth was he needed to look into the deaths and cases to really get a feel for what monster was causing all this chaos. He smiled at the waitress for the refill on his whiskey and took a small sip as he mulled over the endless possibilities he could face in the town up the road. After a brief moment he looked back at Sophia and nodded. "There's a lot of possibilities of what creature it could be until the details narrow it down." 

The sound of another conversation hit Dean's ears and he guessed it was from the woman who'd went to take a seat in the back of the bar. Being aware of your surroundings and who was in those surroundings was something every hunter learned so he couldn't help but eavesdrop on the woman's brief conversation. Dean picked up the fork for the slice of cake that had been given to him and he just poked the cake as the sound of footsteps came back up to the bar. 

The classic charming side glance was what Dean went with as the woman asked if the seat was taken. Dean was always proud of his 'game' and felt confident in flirting with women. Although may girls would pin Dean as a douchebag but the truth was that Dean was a very caring and loving person hidden by his large ego at times. "Only if it's taken by you." He quipped with a smile. "I'm Dean." He introduced himself and took another sip of his whiskey on the rocks. 

"...will be watching over you. I am gonna help you see it through. I will protect you in the night. I

 am smiling next to you, in Silent Lucidity..." Ashley let the last word trail off softly as she finished singing to her kids over the phone. She felt a small pang of guilt and sadness for not being there with them now, missing them dearly. "Did it work," she asked as her sister got back on the phone. She smiled a moment later at the concirmation that she had successfully sung her kids to sleep despite not being there with them. "Give them a kiss for me, okay? Thanks Lulu." She hung up her phone and ran her hands through her dark hair, taking a deep breath and closing her eyes before letting it out slow for a brief moment of peace.
Calm and relaxed, her empathy started to pick up on a small sadness, the kind that came along with longing for or missing someone. She scanned the room, stopping on Dean. Ashley watched him silently for a moment. He appeared to be alone despite sitting by the young woman at the bar. Maybe the two were just acquaintances? The girl decided to go and join the few people at the bar, hobbling over lightly with her phone and drink in hand, making sure not to step or put any weight on her broken ankle. "Is this seat taken," she asked Dean, indicating the open seat on the other side of him.

"The Rugaru certainly didn't," Tessa said in response to Sophia mentioning montsters not caring if their victims were dreaming or not when they attacked. The young waitress smiled softly and leaned against the bar as she watched Sophia's failed attempt at greeting the newcomer. "That's Ashley. Harker, I think. She's relatively new, but I've seen her in here a few times. A couple days ago she was in here trying to find any leads on a Wen... a Windy? No, that can't be right..." Frowning, Tessa looked to the book again, skimming through the pages as her cheeks became slightly flushed in embarrassment. Even she could tell she was making rookie mistakes and couldn't blame the hunters for no one wanting to teach her how to hunt. "Here it is! A Wendigo!" She shut the book and looked up triumphantly, a small personal victory, but a victory she would take nonetheless. She glanced over at Ashley while she was on the phone. "Looks like she came out mostly unscathed."


Her green eyes returned to Sophia, shuddering at the mention of Skinwalkers and the image the name brought to mind. "Skinwalkers. Wendigos. Rugaru... Honestly, who comes up with these ridiculous names," she said with a shake of her head. She watched as Sophia took a bite of her cake and smiled, feeling genuinely happy that at least someone besides her was giving the cake a chance. She moved over to Dean and held up a bottle of whiskey, raising a brow as she silently asked him if he'd like a refill.

“Not quite…I don’t think you’d want to take the three wishes they’d grant you even if they told you they could.” Sophia sipped more of her beer as she realized she was almost done with the burger. She’d wolfed it down really…for lack of a better word, she realized, as she took a look a the cake. The plastic fork was placed along side it, even as she watched Tessa and Dean carefully, taking note of the new girl as well.

She would look over at Tessa as she flipped to the book. “Yeah…there’s monsters out there, won’t care if your in a dream state when you die, though.” That was true enough, she’d seen them up close and in person, the skinwalker pack that had attacked her family, tey certainly counted as one of these that would not care whether you lived or died…only about protecting the pack, as she finished her burger, setting it to the side.

Hey there- you new here?” Sophia got out briefly to Ashley just before she ran off to a booth, as she shrugged. Well, there were a lot of reasons to want privacy, including making a phone call, which was why she could get that, even as she tried not to let herself get tempted into trying to pry into overhearing the words.. Dean seemed fixed on something, which was not her ideal way to go out. After all, after she took down the skinwalkers, she kept one silver bullet. Extra.

But enough dwelling on that, she thought, as she slid the cake over to herself, as she glanced at Dean. Wondering just how much to say. This was a hunter bar, after all. But there was a risk to it, she knew, especially with this being a bar, silver everywhere after all. Always a chance…she hadn’t yet been ‘tested’, but one day that would inevitably come, as she bit her lip, trying to think. “Yes…I have heard of something actually. Been tracking a lead.”

“I did hear a rumor that there was some strange deaths about a day or two up the road. Little town near the middle of nowhere. Animal attacks…but you know,” she said, looking at him, as she took a bite out of the cake, savoring it, as she made sure to get every bit possible that she could. “I don’t really know. I’m guess it could be something else. Werewolf maybe? Because the attacks aren’t happening every week, just seemingly a few days every month. I thought about skinwalkers, but that doesn’t exactly seem like their M.O.”