The Rules

1. Treat your fellow members with respect and try to resolve any disagreements as diplomatically as possible. In character conflict and drama is great and something we encourage, but we don’t want to see it out of character.

2. Please register with the name you want to be known as Out Of Character, as Devil Trap’s forum software, Vesta, has a feature which links all in character accounts to your out of character account.

3. Devil’s Trap welcomes both canon and original characters. However, we ask that anyone wanting to make a canon character introduced after season two discuss it with a staff member first. We are likely to allow it, but we want to ensure the integrity of the boards plot is maintained e.g. we currently discourage the creation of Angels, as their existence is not currently known to the hunting community and even most demons regard them as legends. 

4. We currently have no limits on the number of characters a member can make. However, we reserve the right to refuse a canon application if the person applying is not active with their current characters.

5. We are a no word count site. 

6. We have no activity limits for original characters. However, Canon characters must make one IC post a month. Canon characters who fail to meet this criteria will be reopened on the first of the month following the month they broke this rule. For example if Sam Winchester last posted on December 18th another post should be made by January 18th. If no post is made he will become available again on February 1st.

7. Canon Characters can be reserved for seven days after which they will become available again. An extension of three days can be requested if needed. No further extensions will be granted and the character will be open for general applications.

8. You must be eighteen years of age or over to register on Devil’s Trap, no exceptions! This is a 3-2-3 site, which means we permit swearing, mature language and themes, and explicit violence. Sexual innuendos and general references are permitted, but we ask our members to apply a fade-to-black policy when playing such threads. 

9. Sexually explicit graphics are not permitted. Your avatar should be no larger than 200x200, your secondary image (in character only) should be no larger than 200x300 and your signature should be no larger than 500x200. 

10. When registering a character please complete all compulsory Biography fields in the Manage Character section and click Ready to Play when you want an admin to review it. Please refer to our Beginners guide for further information on how to access the Manage Characters section and to learn which fields are compulsory and which are optional.

11. Finally, have fun and let your imagination run wild! 

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and we hope to write with you soon!