Civilian is a member group for those humans who have not chosen to dedicate their life to hunting down the supernatural beings that surround them. The majority of civilians are unaware of the supernatural world. However, some civilians have been made aware through encounters with creatures hunters have saved them from. While most civilians in the know try to remain neutral and forget what they experienced there are some who choose to aid hunters in non-violent ways. This aid can come in the form of providing them with medical treatment after a particularly arduous fight, with lore information if they possess a particular talent for languages and research, or simply a place to stay between hunts.

The Creatures member group is a catch-all group for supernatural beings who don’t belong to the other member groups. There are numerous types of creatures in the supernatural verse such as vampires, werewolves, shifters, skin walkers, ghouls and djinn. Below is some information on the most common creatures, which includes their origins, their abilities and their weaknesses.



A shifter, short for shapeshifter, is a supernatural creature capable of taking on the form of any human being. A shifter initially starts off the same as a human only to gain their ability later in life, although there have been rare instances of their ability developing as early as infancy. A shifter is not driven by an innate need to hunt humans common to other creatures such as vampires and werewolves. Shifters are often loners as many of them find it difficult to form meaningful relationship with others due to their abilities.


• Shapeshifting: A shifter’s primary characteristic is their ability to take on the form of any living or deceased individual to the point their DNA would come up as a match by shedding their skin. A shifter is also able to access the thoughts and memories of the person whose appearance they are mimicking. They are also able to copy additional characteristics of others such as the sound of their voice.

• Regeneration: A shifter is able to heal non-fatal wounds, including regenerating lost limbs, by shifting from one form to another.

• Super strength: All shifters possess strength which is greater than that of a human. Their strength roughly matches that of a vampire and werewolf, but is inferior to a demon’s strength.

• Super Durability: All shifters are more durable than humans.

• Super Speed: Shifters are capable of speeds greater than humans.


• Silver: Contact with silver is extremely painful for a shifter and it will cause their flesh to burn. A silver bullet to the heart is the surest way to kill them.

• Retinal Flare: A shifter can be easily identified by hunters due to the retinal flare that appears when they are filmed.

• Explosions: A shifter can be killed through exposure to an explosion.


A vampire is a supernatural creature which survives by drinking the blood of humans, or on a rare occasion animals. For a human to become a vampire they must be fed the blood of a vampire or it must be injected directly into their blood stream through contact with an open wound. Vampires are immortal beings with the potential to live for centuries if they avoid contact with the few things fatal to them. They retain the appearance they had when they were turned.

For the most part vampires hunt in groups known as nests although some have been known to be more solitary. A vampire’s nest is typically small with no more than ten members, and they’re often ruled by a master vampire who turned all the other members of the nest. A newly turned vampire classically lacks self-control and will often massacre a group of human until their bloodlust is fully sated. It can take several weeks for a vampire to gain the control needed to mingle in the human world undetected. For this reason it is not unheard of for a nest to tie up new members and feed them until they gain self-control.


Vampires have a range of abilities, all of which will increase with age. These include:

• Fangs: A vampire’s most distinctive physical feature is their set of retractable fangs. They’re extremely tough and capable of biting into human flesh with ease.

• Immortality: Vampires do not die naturally and are capable of living millennia if they manage to avoid the few things they’re vulnerable to.

• Super Durability: All vampires are more durable than humans.  They’re capable of feats such as jumping off a building completely unscratched.

• Super Strength: All vampires possess strength which is greater than that of a human. This strength will increase further given both time and training.

• Super Speed: Vampires are capable of speeds greater than that of a human’s.

• Super Senses: Vampires have greater senses than humans. They can see in the dark and possess a particularly enhanced sense of smell. They’ve been known to smell the blood of chosen pray from miles away.

• Super Stamina: While they cannot survive without human blood and require sleep a vampire’s stamina is greater than a human. They’re capable of going days without blood and food before it begins to affect their strength. 

• Regeneration: Vampires are capable of healing from most wounds, including burns, given enough time and human blood. They are not; however, capable of growing back amputated parts.


• Dead Man’s Blood: The injection of a dead man’s blood into a vampire’s system acts as a poison which can temporarily paralyse them.

• Sunlight: Contrary to popular myths, sunlight is not fatal to vampires. However, it can cause them pain as does other forms of light due to a vampires enhanced senses.

• Decapitation: Decapitation is the only known method for killing a vampire. 


Werewolves are partial-humans who transform into a combination of a wolf and human on the night of the full moon and the nights before and after it. When a werewolf is transformed they become mindless creatures who feed on nearby prey be it human or fellow animals. A werewolf attack is easy for those in the know to spot, as they will always eat the heart of their victims. Lycanthropy is transmitted via bite or genetics as werewolves can pass it on to their offspring. Werewolves are pack creatures who thrive on the feeling of companionship that comes with being part of a pack and even the mildest of werewolves can become violent if their pack becomes endangered.


• Transformation: A werewolf’s primary characteristic is their ability to transform into a wolf human hybrid on the nights surrounding the full moon. While in this form they are hunters by nature possessing fangs sharp enough to tear human flesh and claws able to pierce solid walls.

• Infectious Bite: Werewolves are capable of transmitting their condition through a bite. This does not apply while the werewolf is in their human form.

• Superstrength: A werewolf’s strength is superior to that of a human and some other supernatural creatures and this applies while in both their human and wolf form. They’ve been known to crush stone and lift fully grown humans above their heads with ease.

• Superspeed: Werewolves are capable of travelling at a greater speed than humans. They’re capable of moving from one end of a room to another in the blink of an eye.

• Super Senses: Werewolves possess enhanced senses including the ability to see in the dark, hear conversations taking place in other rooms and locate prey using their sense of smell.

• Invulnerability: It is harder to kill a werewolf than a regular human. However, they do have their weaknesses which can be found in the weaknesses section below.


•Silver: A werewolf’s primary weakness is their intolerance of Silver, which can kill them through a bullet or blade to the heart. All contact with silver will cause a werewolf some sort of pain.

•Decapitation: A werewolf can be killed by chopping their head off.

•Explosions: A werewolf can be killed through exposure to an explosion.


Demons are the spirits of humans, which have been twisted through torture in hell until they’re barely recognisable. For the most part demons are dark and malicious creatures who take delight in the suffering of others. However, their motivations and interests can differ. Some demons torment humanity because they find it fun; others do it out of fear of a more powerful demon ordering them to do so, while some follow religious beliefs which proclaim Lucifer as their creator and God whose hatred of humanity they must share.

There are several ways a person can become a demon. The most common method is earning a ticket to hell through a lifetime of misdeeds which cause suffering to others. Less common methods include making a deal with a demon at a crossroads, or practicing witchcraft, which is derived from the power of a demonic sponsor.

Demons manifest on earth as a cloud of black smoke, which is why must possess a human to conduct business on earth. Demons are capable of recognising each other while in their human hosts, as are a select few other supernatural creatures. Demons enter through the mouths of their host and a change of eye colour, at the demons discretion, is the only way for a human to tell a person is possessed. The presence of sulphur in the area, or person, the demon used their powers on is the best method of detecting whether a demon was previously present. Other indicators of a demons presence include cattle mutilation, crop failure and electric storms.

Demons are a hierarchical species with the oldest demons typically holding the most power while the youngest possess the standard set of abilities common to all demons and no more. The current leader of demons is usually referred to as The King (or Queen) of Hell though the current holder of the title, Azazel, shows disdain for the epithet when it is used in his presence. The position of a demon in the demonic hierarchy is currently indicated by the colour their eyes turn while they possess a human; although there are exceptions to this rule.


Hell's Hiearchy

• White Eyed Demons: They are the oldest, most powerful, and rarest species of demon with only two of them seen in canon. White Eyed Demons were designed to be the commanders in chief of hell although one of them, Lilith, is currently imprisoned in the bowels of hell while the other, Alastair, rules the torture pits with an iron fist, but generally prefers to keep himself out of the intimacies of hell’s politics. White Eyed Demons are a restricted group, which will only be approved by the admin team under limited circumstances for a specific board plot.   

• Yellow Eyed Demons: Second only to the white eyed demons in power the yellow eyed demons are a rare species of demon who were designed to be the generals of hell’s army. The current King of Hell, Azazel, is a yellow eyed demon.Yellow Eyed Demons are a restricted group, which will only be approved by the admin team under limited circumstances for a specific board plot.

• Red Eyed Demons: More commonly known as Crossroad Demons, red eyed demons are the salesmen of hell. It is their job to bolster the ranks of hell by seducing humans into making deals at a crossroads for something they want (fame, talent, money, good health for a loved one etc) in exchange for their soul at the end of an agreed period, which is typically ten years. Although, they’ve been known to offer shorter periods to particularly desperate humans, or a longer period to those whose souls are seen as particularly desirable by the upper echelons of hell’s ranks.

•Black Eyed Demons: These are the grunts of hell whose power levels vary from demon to demon. The majority of black eyed demons possess the standard abilities of a demon and no more; although older black eyed demons have honed their skills so they’re more powerful than their younger brethren and those who were witches in their human life use their talent with the craft to access further abilities.


Basic Demonic Abilities

The following abilities are common to all demons although those higher in the hierarchy may practice them to a higher standard.

• Possession: All demons are capable of possessing the body of a living or recently deceased human against their will. A demon is capable of keeping a possessed human alive when they suffer wounds that are fatal, but the human will die the moment the demon leaves their body.

• Super Strength: All demons possess strength which is superior to humans and the majority of other supernatural creatures. Even a low level demon is capable of wiping out a nest of vampires or a pack of werewolves with ease.  

• Super Stamina and Durability: Demons do not require sleep or sustenance to survive. They are extremely durable and only vulnerable to a few things, which are outlined below.

• Astral Projection: Demons are capable of perceiving things invisible to the naked eye. They are capable of sensing the presence of another demon in a human, or the presence of invisible creatures for instance.

• Electromagnetic Interference:  Demons cause disturbances to nearby electrical appliances by their very presence. The appearance of an extremely powerful demon, or a large group of weaker demons, has been known to produce thunderstorms.


Additional Demonic Abilities

Older Black Eyed Demons and the higher ranks of hell are also capable of the following abilities:

• Biokinesis: Demons who are proficient in this ability are capable of manipulating the body of another through sheer force of will. Some examples of biokinesis include crushing a heart, making someone cough up blood and causing haemorrhages.

• Pyrokinesis: Demons who are proficient in this ability are capable of controlling existing fire, while more powerful practioners of this ability are capable of conjuring fire.

• Telepathy: Demons who are proficient in this ability are able to read the surface memory of nearby humans. More powerful demons, or those with a particular affinity, are also capable of delving deeper and viewing long term memories. 

• Teleportation: Demons with this ability are able to transport from one place to another.

• Terrakinesis: Demons with this ability are capable of producing small earthquakes.

• Telekinesis: Demons proficient in this ability are able to move objects and other beings with their mind. 


High Ranking Abilities

The following abilities are exclusive to Princes of Hell and White Eyed Demons unless stated otherwise.

• Dream Walking: Demons proficient in this are capable of entering and controlling the dreams of another.

• Memory Manipulation: Demon’s with this ability are not only able to read the memories of others, but they are capable of erasing them, fabricating new ones, or altering the details of an existing memory.

• Molecular Combustion: Demons with this ability are capable of turning someone to dust simply by touching them.

• Photokinesis: Demons with this ability can use it to generate massive amounts of destructive energy that can obliterate large areas. 


• Anti-Possession Symbol: It is impossible for a demon to possess a human with a tattoo or accessory depicting the anti-possession symbol. However, it should be noted there is nothing to stop a demon from burning the tattoo or destroying the accessory if they’re particularly determined.

• Devil’s Trap: These can trap a demon caught within their confines. The potency of a Devil's Trap is dependent on the sigil used to create the trap and the power level of the trapped Demon. The most powerful Devil’s Trap are capable of zapping a demon of all their power while weaker ones capture them, but let the demon maintain their powers increasing the chance of escape. 

• Exorcism: Those proficient enough in Latin and with the right magic know-how are capable of sending demons back to hell. The most powerful exorcism spells are capable of sending demons to the depths of hell, which are all but impossible to escape from.

• Hallowed Ground: Lower ranked demons are unable to set foot on hallowed ground. This does not apply to higher ranked black eyed demons, yellow eyed or white eyed demons.

• Hex Bags: The creation of particularly talented witches, these can be used to hide from demons.

• Holy Water: Most demons will burn when they come into contact with holy water. White Eyed Demons and Yellow Eyed Demons are immune to this weakness at best, or it will cause them mild discomfort rather than pain at worst.

• Iron: Most demons are vulnerable to iron and contact it will burn their skin. 

• Salt: Like spirits, demons are incapable of crossing a salt line. The ingestion of large quantities of salt will expel a demon from their human host.




A ghost is the spirit of a deceased human who refused to accompany their reaper to the afterlife or were summoned by means of a spell. Ghosts start out neutral with their behaviour dictated by the type of person they were in life. However, the trauma of being stuck in the spiritual plane, unable to truly interact with those around them, results in ghosts ultimately becoming angry and liable to lash out at those around them.

Ghosts are typically restricted to haunting a specific location, which is usually the place they died. However, some ghosts are tied to an item such as a lock of their hair, or a treasured piece of jewellery and as long as the item is moved about they can move with it.


• Astral Projection: Ghosts are able to see things, such as reapers and a demon’s true form, which are invisible to humans.

• Biokinesis: Some ghosts can infect people with supernatural illnesses. An example of this is ‘ghost sickness’ which will raise a human’s fear and anxiety until they ultimately have a fatal heart attack.

• Electromagnetic Interference: The presence of a ghost will interrupt nearby electrical appliances.

• Hydrokinesis: Some ghosts, usually those who died by drowning, have the ability to control and conjure water. It is common for ghosts with this ability to use it to drown their victims.

• Invisibility: This is initially an involuntary ability with the ghost stuck in the astral plane unable to interact with the world around it. However, with time and practice a ghost can learn to make themselves visible to humans at will.

• Possession: A rare ability, reserved for the most powerful ghosts, is the ability to possess an unwitting human. This ability can also be used to help a ghost temporarily escape the location / object they are tied to. However, they will be automatically drawn back to it upon ending the possession.

• Super Strength: Lacking physical form a ghost’s strength is tied to their force of will and this allows many of them to possess strength far superior to a human’s. Particularly strong willed and angry ghosts have been known to hold their own against other supernatural creatures such as demons.

• Thermokinesis: The temperature of a room will automatically drop once a ghost enters it.

• Telekinesis: Ghosts are able to move objects with their minds. This ability starts off with smaller objects, but more experienced ghosts are able to move larger objects and even people with ease.

• Teleportation: Ghosts are able to move from one location to another in the blink of an eye and will usually flicker while doing so.



• Destroying the Object they’re tied to: In some cases, such as the ghosts of people who were cremated, their spirit is tied to an object instead of a corpse. Burning this object is a sure fire way of forcing these ghosts to move on to the afterlife.

• Holy Ground: Similar to demons, most ghosts cannot dwell on holy ground. However, there have been exceptions to this rule.

• Iron: Contact with iron will cause a ghost to dissipate. It is also a good way to free a person from being possessed by a ghost.

• Other Ghosts: If two ghosts of equal strength fight each other this will result in mutual destruction.

• Salt: Ghosts can be repelled by salt and can’t cross a salt line. A hunter’s most common weapon against a ghost is a rock salt bullet, as it will cause them to dissipate.

• Salt and Burning the Bones: Digging up a ghost’s corpse and salting and burning the bones is the most common method for forcing them to move on to the afterlife.



Hunter is a term to describe those who have dedicated their life to hunting down Supernatural creatures and saving people from them. Hunters are typically human, although some creatures have been known to turn against their own kind. Hunters enter the life for a variety of reasons, but the most common ways of becoming a hunter are through surviving a tragedy involving the supernatural and swearing revenge or being raised in the life by hunter parents. Like other group of human’s hunters morals and approach to the job differ. Some hunters operate on a black and white basis i.e. if it isn’t human it needs to be put down while other hunters approach things on a case by case basis and will allow some creatures to live provided they don’t harm any humans. The creatures hunted by hunters can also differ. Some hunters are willing to tackle any and all supernatural creatures while others specialise in a specific species such as vampires or shifters.

Hunters are often a nomadic people with many travelling their country of origin in search of hunts to take care of. However, some hunters have been known to settle down in a home of their own and limit their hunts to their local area. When a hunter dies their body is laid down on a row of logs and salted and burned. This is known as a Hunter’s Funeral and the purpose of it is to prevent them from returning as ghosts. Harvelle’s Road House currently operates as a place for hunters to rest and exchange information between hunts.



• Knowledgeable: Most hunters develop a vast knowledge of supernatural lore in order to defeat the creatures they hunt. The best hunters can recite an array of Latin incantations used for the containment and exorcism of demons along with knowledge of other languages so they can seek out information on more obscure creatures.

• Peak Physical Condition: As Hunting is a job which requires a lot of physical action be it hand to hand combat, digging up corpses to salt and burn, or running most hunters maintain a high level of physical fitness.

• Proficient with Fire Arms: Lacking the raw strength of the creatures they hunt, hunters are proficient marksmen with the best hunters capable of using firearms, shot guns and daggers when needed.

• Infiltration and Stealth: In order to complete their job hunters have developed an array of skills frowned upon by local law enforcement. These skills include; lock picking, computer hacking, carjacking and stealing items required to their current case. It is common for hunters to pose as members of other organisations such as the FBI or Animal Control to gain access to witnesses and other pieces of information needed to complete their cases.



Hunters typically possess the weaknesses standard to humans.



There are two groups of individuals who fall under the umbrella of psychic and they are natural born psychics and Azazel’s special children.

Azazel’s Special Children is a term used to describe those who were fed the demon’s blood as infants and this resulted in them later manifesting supernatural abilities. Very few know about the existence of these psychics and fewer still know about the exact origins of their abilities. The most common speculation amongst those in the know is that he did it to make them strong enough to lead his demonic armies, but whether this is true or not only Azazel knows. These psychics have very little in common; aside from the fact they are all in their twenties and many of them lost their mother or father in a house fire at exactly six months old. However, this is not true of all of them and no one knows why some parents survive while others don’t.



With powers which originate from a Yellow Eyed Demon, and the current King of Hell, these psychics have been known to develop an array of extremely powerful abilities. These include:

• Biokinesis: Some psychics have displayed the ability to kill others with just a touch. Psychics with this ability cannot use it hurt other psychics.

•Electrokinesis: Some psychics have displayed the ability to electrocute animals and people with a touch. This is one of the few abilities which can be used offensively against other psychic children.

• Immunity: Some psychic kids have been known to display a natural immunity to demonic abilities such as telekinesis and biokinesis. In addition to this, all psychic kids are immune to mental abilities, such as mind control, of other psychic kids. However, this immunity does not extend to more physical based powers.

• Mind Control: Some psychics have been known to control the words and actions of other humans. This power initially requires touch, but ultimately extends to requiring verbal commands alone. Psychics with this ability cannot use it control other psychics.

• Precognition: Some psychic kids have displayed the power to see into the future. This ability is often focused around Azazel, or more accurately potential victims of his, or other psychic kids who are either in danger or misusing their powers in some way.

• Super Strength: Some psychic kids have demonstrated strength far superior to regular humans and comparable to that of other supernatural creatures. This is one of the few abilities which can be used offensively against other psychic children.

• Telepathy: The ability to read minds and communicate with others. This communication can take place over long distances if the psychic is powerful enough.

• Telekinesis: Some psychic kids have demonstrated the ability to move things with their minds.



Unless their specific ability grants them unusually high endurance this group of psychics have the same vulnerabilities as ordinary humans.

Natural Born psychhics are humans who were born with supernatural abilities without the influence of Azazel or any other demon. Their powers tend to be more passive than active with the exception of the telekinetic abilities possessed by many. Unlike Azazel’s Special Children, who typically develop their abilities in their early twenties, these psychic manifest their powers at a young age with eighteen considered the upper limit.



Natural born psychics have been known to possess a wide range of abilities. Natural born psychic do not typically possess all of these abilities, but rather a few which they specialise in.

• Clairsentience: This is the ability to use mystical energies to sense the power and history of an object.

• Divination: The ability to gain insights into the future using specific tools such as tea leaves or palmistry.

• Empathy: This is the ability to sense the emotions of those around them.

• Mediumship: This is the ability to communicate with the dead and see beyond the veil without using a ritual or spell.

• Precognition: This is the ability to see flashes of the future.

• Reality Warping: The rarest and most powerful ability a natural psychic could possess. This is the ability to warp reality to match their needs and desires. This ability requires admin approval for a specific board wide plot. 

• Telepathy: The ability to read minds and communicate with others. This communication can take place over long distances if the psychic is powerful enough.

• Telekinesis: This is the ability to move things with their mind. This is a rare ability for a natural born psychic.


This group of psychics have the same vulnerabilities as ordinary humans.


A witch is a human who practices magic. A witch can be male or female although male practitioners have a tendency to refer to themselves as warlocks. Witches can practice their craft by following a number of different belief systems including; Hoodoo, Voodoo and Wicca. Some witches are said to have a familiar, a companion who can appear in either human or animal form, but the majority do not and many will argue this is a myth rather than fact. Many witches will practice independently, but some choose to gather in groups to celebrate holidays, worship their chosen deities, and cast spells. These groups are generally referred to as Covens and they are usually overseen by a High Priest or Priestess who started the Coven.

There are three different types of witches. The first of these, and the most common, are Borrowers. These witches have harnessed the power of a demon through a deal. The second, and rarest, type of witch is a Natural witch. These witches are born with a natural predisposition towards magic and tend to be the most powerful given enough time to practice and develop their natural gift. The final types of Witches are known as Students. These witches lack the innate abilities of a Natural Witch, but with enough time and practice are able to develop some ability at the craft.


Through casting spells witches can gain access to an array of different abilities including:

• Astral Projection: With the right spell witches are capable of perceiving things invisible to the naked eye.

• Conjuration: Witches are capable of creating items out of nothing. This ability is usually limited to smaller and less complicated items.

• Divination: The ability to gain insights into the future using specific tools such as tea leaves or palmistry.

• Elemental Manipulation: Witches are capable of controlling the elements of air, earth, fire and water.

• Energy Blasts: Witches are capable of conjuring large blasts of energy which can be used to knock others back, or kill if they’re charged strongly enough.

• Healing: Witches who specialise in this area of magic are capable of healing all but the most fatal of wounds.

• Hexes and Curses: Through the use of hex bags witches are capable of causing others harm which can range from mildly inconvenient to fatal.

• Illusions: Witches are capable of manipulating others sense so they will perceive a false reality.

• Mind Control: Proficient enough witches are capable of controlling the thoughts and actions of another.

• Necromancy: This is the art of controlling and manipulating the dead. This branch of magic can include summoning spirits via séances or raising zombies.

• Super Strength: Witches are capable of using their magic to possess strength which is superior to humans and the majority of supernatural creatures.

• Telekinesis: Witches are capable of moving objects with their minds.

• Teleportation: Witches with this ability are capable of moving from one place to another.

High Ranking Abilities

The following are a list of abilities extremely powerful witches are said to possess. They will not be available to witches here on Devil’s Trap without prior staff approval for a specific plot.

• Chronokinesis: The ability to travel backwards and forwards in time through use of a ritual.

• Immortality: The ability to live for hundreds, even thousands of years, while maintaining a youthful appearance.

• Molecular Combustion: The ability to make multiple beings combust into blood and ash with a look.

• Portal Creation: The ability to create portals to other worlds.

• Power Granting: The ability to grant other beings with immortality and similar enhancements.

• Resurrection: The ability to raise the dead. Unlike conventional necromancy this branch of magic will restore the person as they were before rather than as a zombie.


• Iron: Contact with iron will suppress a witch’s power and make them completely powerless.

• Magic: Witches are as vulnerable to the magic of other witches as anyone else.

• Mortality: All but the most powerful witches share the same weaknesses as regular humans including; blood loss, decapitation, snapped neck and incineration etc.

• Overexertion: Over use of magic can knock a witch unconsciousness and render them powerless for days, even weeks, as they rebuild their reserves.