On The Road Again...

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?Years Young

Naythin was not happy about being delegated as the family pet gone rogue. Staying in the truck went against everything he stood for. This was not how he was supposed to protect Arie. Lucian was gonna have his ass in a sling for sure. 

The crowd was huge now. Everyone milling around. Staring at him, Arie, the idiots with the guns pointed at him. The faint scent of burning wood reached him and he knew Arie was losing control of her fire. Shit. Someone was about to get flambéed. 

Shifting on the seat, he turned his head when a small female emerged from the crowd and point her handgun at the two idiots. There was something...off about her. Naythin couldn't put his finger on it but something wasn't right. Leaning forward, his nostrils flared wide as he inhaled a lungful of air. That's when it hit him. She wasn't human. He smelled cat. Holy shit. What the hell was a cat shifter doing there? Okay...the same could be asked why a witch and a Lycan were there too but, whatever. Fuck off. It was just a bar. A really rednecky bar but still. Nothing out of the ordinary about it. 

He had to let Arie know about the shifter. At least in a way that wouldn't get either of them shot. Glancing behind him, he didn't see anyone on the passenger side of the truck. If he could slip out the window..."I will fry you extra crispy before that bullet leaves the chamber." There went that idea. Shit! 

Naythin lunged through the window with a blood curdling howl and landed in front of Arie. Naythin was huge. Far larger than the average wolf. If he'd been able to shift normally, he'd be the size of a large Shetland Pony. Even now, he his shoulders were level with the middle of Arie's ribcage. Lips peeled back exposing four inch long canines. Saliva dripping from his jaws as he swung his head back and forth. His eyes glowing an eerie electric blue. Looking at the girl he snarled and snapped his jaws. "I know what you are...cat." If anyone was going to get shot, it might as well be him. He healed fast and the bullets wouldn't kill him. Oh sure, it would still hurt like a bitch but he wouldn't end up dead. Not like Arie. Witch or not, bullets would still kill her. If that happened. The body count would be staggering. They'd really have the Big Bad Wolf on their hands. 

Sophia Grant

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Honestly, Sophia felt like she was very out of her element, standing before everyone with the gun in her hand. It felt small, and the tensions were escalating extremely fast, so much so that she could barely register everything that was happening…. The woman was trying to get a handle on it all, not quite succeeding, she thought, as she heard the men raising their guns…and then there were several things to notice at once.


The first was that smell that she’d noticed in entering the clearing, it had gotten much stronger. Almost like wet dog really. As she was still new to the whole creature thing, Sophia had not as of yet gotten the hang of how werewolves smelled, even one that was trapped in a wolf form. Hearing the wolf bark again, she looked to the side, blinking in surprise as she stepped to the side, as the wolf leaped from the car. 


The woman was now…holding a ball of flame in her hand, as she threatened to burn whoever came close. The wolf for his part…he was freaking huge, and she heard swearing on both sides… “Crazy witch…. That must be her familiar…” Definitely increased tension on both sides, as Sophia knew that if they were on edge now, they would most definitely be probably panicking now, all of them. After all, she was aware of what this place was…


And then she locked eyes with the wolf, staring and growling at her, as she felt her mouth go dry, as she realized the spark of intelligence in it’s eyes. Oh, this was much more than a familiar wasn’t it? The smell… she couldn’t understand it, but the intent of the bark was well enough, as she backed off just a few steps, lowering her gun. She didn’t have her silver bullets, nor her gloves to handle them either, so she was sadly out of luck.


‘Mel’ and her ‘pet’ were going to get themselves killed in this situation, she had a feeling, they were unaware that this place was a hunter bar. Already she could see mutterings about taking the witch down. Very, very bad…she thought as she would try something different. Looking at her gun, she swallowed, and with some trepidation. She would lower her gun all the way down, carefully levelling her voice, so she would be speaking to Arie, the crowd…and the wolf.


“Look… everyone just stop. Stop this…doesn’t have to escalate.” At least she hoped it didn’t, as she had been busy trying to get herself comfortable within this group so far, and being outed would ruin her chances at doing so. She turned to the Wolf, knowing it could understand her now as she mouthed the words ‘Hunter…bar’, hoping that it would get what she was saying. Honestly, things couldn’t get much worse, even as she sighed, trying to think of what she could possibly even do here.


“There’s just been a misunderstanding, clearly…” she could feel her words faltering, even as she was tempted to just try and clock someone, but feeling that would make it so much worse. Bullets couldn’t kill her either, but if someone in this bar had silver, and recognized what she was, that would be a hell of an end. “Look…is it worth it? Playing with fire, right next to all these cars?” She was trying to keep talking, at least until she could think of a better plan.


?Years Young

Looking over at Sophia, Arie scoffed. "I have very good aim." 

Turning her attention to the crowd, each time she heard the word witch the fireballs hovering over the palms of her hands increased in size. As much as she wanted to torch each and every one of the assholes threatening her and Naythin, Arie knew she wouldn't be able to get them all before someone or a few someone's got off a several rounds and she ended up ventilated. It was hard to heal thyself when you were dead. That would leave Naythin unprotected. 


"Hey, I'll put mine away if you put yers away and we jus' leave like I said before. No harm...no foul." Her eyes scanned the crowd for a moment. Her gaze hesitating on the few that were still mumbling about her being a witch. How the fuck did these people know about witches? Okay. the fireballs might be a bit of a giveaway but still. It could be easily explained away as a movie special effects trick. Humans by nature were pretty dumb. 

"You first!" A male voice yelled from the back of the crowd. 

She could hear and feel Naythin growling at the suggestion. Yeah, she wasn't fond of it either. "Yeah...no. I get yer tryin' to be all chivalrous with the whole ladies first thing and I do appreciate the effort, but I'm gonna have t'pass this time. Too many of you an' only one'a me."  Angling her head towards Sophia, Arie shrugged. "The little girl has a point. I let off one'a these babies an' WOOSH! up goes a few vehicles an' probably the bar. I don' wanna hurt anyone an' neither does my buddy here but uh...we didn' start this." 

"She's right! They didn' start this. I saw who did it. I mean, I don' know 'em but...I saw it." A young woman called out even as the man she was with grabbed her arm giving her a hard shake to keep quiet. 

Pointing, Arie smiled all friendly like. "See! There's a witness. Now, can we go?" She wanted out of there like yesterday. Holy shit. No more back road bars for her. Nope from now on, they either packed their own food or made a point to find the nearest Burger King. 

Arie could feel Naythin tense as he leaned against her leg. A low warning growl rumbled in his chest as he swung his massive head toward the rear tailgate of the truck. Looking to the right, she saw a man trying to sneak up behind them. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Shaking her head, she tsked and raised a hand. The fireball danced in a lazy circle as the flames lit up Arie's face making the flames in her eyes appear brighter. "I will defend us. Mark my words." 

Sophia Grant

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Sophia sighed, as she looked around at the crowd. These hunters were not calming down in the slightest, even as she realized they were now close to being surrounded on every side. Perfect. Just great, just fucking great, she thought, as she felt sweat roll down the side of her face. Not really something that she wanted to deal with, but it seemed that it was now staring her in the face…


Back and forth banter, and the girl couldn’t really tell if it was serious or intended to keep them talking, she had to assume it or one or the other, and so she would move, still having her gun facing the ground, as she swiveled to face the man who tried to sneak up. The last thing she needed was the witch or the wolf doing something bad, would really make this whole situation spiral out of control. Well, even more than it already was.


Taking the initiative, Sophia would step forward, shaking her head. “Is it really worth it? I mean…just apologize and go home.” Not that her words really seemed to have much of an effect, the hunters here were not too fond of witches, but she figured if she could do enough of a distraction, it could work out so that the woman and wolf could escape before the hunters got their anti-witch stuff out.


That was one of the benefits of knowing that other side of things, as she was more prepared than most to deal with this. “Not until the bitch apologizes!” The man growled, as he was holding a tire iron in his hand, tapping it against the side of the car. Sophia rolled her eyes. What was it about these guys and their need to show machismo? Really, he was not really associated with the hunters that she remembered, more like a ‘tag-along’.


Hopefully it would calm down a bit, but she didn’t think it would, even as she continued to walk around in circles, trying to outpace the others. Everyone was on edge, justifiably so. She stared down the man, feeling the hairs on the back of her own neck stand up, as she would seem to talk down to him. “Really. Big strong man like you needs a tire iron to handle a dog? You’re a coward… only way I can see that dog biting you is if you were provoking it…”


At least that’s how she thought so…she was walking on thin ice…the ‘dog’ didn’t seem to like her anymore than the guy did, but she was trying to prevent blood from being spilled here. At least, she thought so, as the guy would suddenly step forward, trying to push past her. Sophia grabbed the tire iron, using her cat-like reflexes to shift his own weight against him, sending him falling to the floor. “How about now? Feeling tough?” She looked over at Arie and the ‘wolf’ with a shrug as she hoped that would help a bit. Probably not.


?Years Young

Interestingly enough, the longer they all stood around, the more uncertainty Arie could see in the crowds eyes. 

A few mumbled amongst themselves, pointing to her and Naythin. Arie had to hold back her grin as she watched a few people from the back peel off and head for their vehicles. She was about to say something when she heard the idiot holding a tire iron call her a bitch. Excuse me? 

Turning slowly, she leveled a hard glare a the guy. "What did you call me?" She asked softly. A low growl rumbled from next to her. Arie didn't have to look to know Naythin had turned his attention to the big mouth. When the guy rapped the side of her truck with the tire iron, Arie saw red. Or more realistically, flames. "Oh, you did not just do that to my truck!" Her truck was her baby. It had been her dad's and no one messed with it and lived. 

Forgetting all about the others, she turned, tracking his movements as he tried to rush past Sophia. The fact she called Naythin a dog, did not go unnoticed by either of them. Before taking another step, the man was on the ground and disarmed. The speed at which Sophia moved had Arie narrowing her eyes. Most definitely not human. 

Walking over to where the tire iron lay on the ground, Arie picked it up and threw it as hard as she could into the brush that lined the parking lot. Leaning over Sophia's shoulder, she sneered down at the man making sure he saw the fire in her eyes. "I should let him eat you. The only reason I'm not is you'll make him sick. You need to be more careful who you choose to fuck with, pal." 

Looking down at Sophia, Arie nodded her thanks and stood to her full height. "Now, unless anyone else wants a piece of us, we're leaving." Scanning the parking lot, Arie's gaze stopped on the young woman who'd stood up for them earlier. Arie flashed a quick smile and barely there nod her way before slowly backing toward the truck. One hand on Naythin's back, the other stretched out behind and a little to the side to help guide her toward the truck's driver's side door. The feel of cool metal against her fingertips was never so welcome. Keeping her eyes on the now milling crowd, she slowly opened the driver's side door to let Naythin jump inside. 

Sophia Grant

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A crowd like this Sophia knew drew most of its bravery in proportion to the amount of liquor that they had drunk that night. In this case, where she had managed to showcase that they were not going to be pushovers, the crowd would relent slightly, almost imperceptibly, as she looked over at the man with the iron. Luckily, before things could get out of control, Sophia’s abilities had come in handy here.


Hopefully the guys were way too drunk to notice, particularly since this was a hunter bar. It was taking a chance here, one that was very precarious, but she felt that it was needed. Stepping to the side, she would give the assembled crowd a look, which helped ensure that some of them backed away from where they were, allowing Arie to have a bit more breathing room, even as she would make it to the truck.


Keeping a weather eye on the wolf, Sophia would give him some breathing space as well, figuring that she didn’t want to make things more awkward or tense, especially as she could tell that wasn’t an ordinary wolf. A guy tried to step forward, but Sophia would block his path, pushing him back as she shook her head. “Why don’t you come back when you lot are sober,” she remarked to them. Right now, she could smell it, the stench of alcohol on their breath, it was really something.


Almost there at any rate, and she didn’t want to do anything to fuck it up, with the other woman’s exit, even as she saw that people were already starting to drunkenly limp out of the way. Nobody wanted to get run over, even if a few were really starting to wake up to what they’d seen. She would nod thanks back to Arie, even as she took a deep breath, trying to take stock of the overall situation.


“Good luck out there,” she’d remark to Arie, even as she was already fingering her own car keys. Her own car was parked at the end of the lot, and reachable from here, as she believed probably better if she could get out before anyone really realized it was her. However, as the crowd started to dissemble, she would get a good last remark in, even as she would holster her gun. “Probably best everyone here just back off, not worth losing our heads over…”


?Years Young

Arie waited for Naythin to jump inside the cab of her truck. She kept an eye on the slowly dissipating crowd not trusting a single one of them to try something when Naythin's back was turned or her own for that matter. She'd outed herself as a witch...in public. Lucian was going to chew her a new asshole for this. 

Watching as Sophia made her way to her own vehicle, Arie nodded curtly in her direction. She didn't know the girl from Adam and vice versa and yet, Sophia had helped them both. When they got to a hotel, Arie was going to pull out the set of tiles she carried so she and Naythin could have a chat. Maybe he could tell her what exactly the girl was. She wasn't human, at least not fully. 

After the majority of the drunks either went back into the bar or left in their respective cars or trucks, Arie slowly backed up until her calves hit the running board. Climbing in the truck backwards was cumbersome but she managed with a small amount of grace. Pulling the keys out, she quickly started the engine, reversed just enough to swing the nose of the truck around and pulled out of the parking lot. 

"Keep an eye out to make sure we're not followed." The answering chuff was good enough for her. She could concentrate on the road in front of them knowing Naythin had her back. 

Thirty minutes later, Arie walked out of the office of the first hotel she found. It wasn't much. Then again, they didn't need a whole lot. A bed, shower and a place for Naythin to stretch his legs without getting shot. Because of the nights festivities, Arie insisted Naythin sleep in the room with her. To her surprise, he didn't put up a fight. 

After polishing off a three pizzas between the two of them and two two liters of Coke, Arie was just getting changed when her cell phone went off. Avenged Sevenfold's Hail To The King filled the room. "Really?" Oh she was going to kill the asshole that had changed the ringtone. Snatching the phone off the small table, she didn't even have to look at the caller ID. "Hello, Lucian." 

"Good evening, Arie. I was just checking in." Lucian sat back in his desk chair. The fire crackling and popping in the fireplace across the room. 

Sighing heavily, she sat on the edge of the bed and tucked the toes of her bare feet under Naythin's back. "You changed the ringtone on my phone, wolf." She grumped. 

Smiling, Lucian shrugged. "You know better than to leave  your phone unlocked and unattended when you're in the pack house." 

"Yeah well...I didn't think an over 800 year old Lycan could be so childish." She snapped back. 

"How is your trip?" 

Shit. "Oh you know...boring...uneventful. We should make it to Oregon tomorrow night." Arie glared at Naythin as he picked his head up and glared at her. 

"I see. Well, make sure to call or text when you leave and again upon arrival. I know it sounds like I'm micromanaging but you'll be out of the pack's territory. Make sure you contact the Alpha's of the neighboring packs as you enter their territories. You have the letter and if anyone gives you any trouble, have them call me." 

Nodding, Arie sighed. "Okay. Okay. We'll be careful. I promise." A little late for that. After giving Lucian the name and address of the hotel they were at, she ended the call, tossed her phone on the nightstand and crawled into bed. The cheap sheets were scratchy and smelled strongly of bleach. The blanket could barely be called a blanket. Good thing she kept an extra one in the storage box of her truck. 

She could hear Naythin moving around the room checking the doors and windows. "Naythin...lie down somewhere. We've got an early start in the morning." Not even trying to hide the wide yawn, Arie pulled the blanket up to her chin and fell asleep.