The Nights Watch Never Ends

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Sam Winchester

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Sam stifled a yawn as they worked on barricading the door with an empty bed along with whatever other items they could find. It had been a long, exhausting day and although some had been against the idea of sleeping in this rustic hell hole *cough* Deanna *cough* the consensus of those remaining in their little band of misfits had been they needed to rest. The youngest Winchester could understand the discomfort of those who were against the idea, but who knew how long it would take them to figure out a way past the wards. The last thing they needed was some nasty getting them because they collapsed from exhaustion when the time for a fight came.

The shaggy haired Winchester’s stomach rumbled, a reminder of another reason they needed the down time. Without access to any food and the only source of water emitting a foul smell it was important for all of them to conserve energy. Sam sighed as he looked around him with a forlorn expression. Man, he missed Brady and Jessica. He missed the way she smiled in delight as she hoodwinked him into watching one of her beloved chick flicks, or that wicked little smirk Brady gave when he did something to attract Sam’s attention and he knew it. He wished he was home with them right now, curled up on the sofa watching that movie with a box of popcorn between the three of them. 

Sam was broken out of his reverie by the sound of one of their companions going for a piss in a bucket at the side of the room. It wasn’t the first time the Winchester family had been caught in an awkward situation so the need to do so hadn’t horrified Sam the way it had some of their companions when the suggestion was first made. No one had mentioned it yet, but there was also the question of personal hygiene. If they didn’t find some way to at least have a basic wash soon things in here were going to get pretty stinking and fast. 

“I’ll take the first watch. I think there ought to be two of us awake at a time just to be sure no one fall asleep” he offered and smiled gently when their companions agreed with his suggestion. He was surprised when his sister insisted on joining him in the first shift. Sam wasn’t really sure how to interpret that. The one good thing about this had been the thawing of the tension between him and Deanna. Being forced into a cramped space for hours on end, while dealing with an unknown foe, had forced them to learn to tolerate each other’s presence without fighting. Sam wouldn’t say the problems between them had been resolved, but an unspoken cease fire had been called. They’d even exchanged a bit of the witty banter that had been them before the fight, before Stanford. It had been nice; even if Sam hated the circumstances that had led them to this.

“I hope Brady and Jessica are okay” he mumbled to himself only realising he had spoken a loud when his sister gave him a questioning look. Sam bit his lip, a clear sign of nervousness, as he eyed Deanna. He wasn’t sure how his sister was going to react to the news he’d become part of a triad and not only that, but one involving another man. Their father had never been known for his liberal views towards members of the LGBT community. “Jessica, she’s, ah, she’s my girlfriend….” He volunteered before taking a deep breath and adding “And Brady he’s my boyfriend... our boyfriend, me and Jess’.” He stuttered out awkwardly. 



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Deanna was good at one thing for certain: compartmentalizing. In a situation like this very one, it was a useful skill to have. For example, because of it, she wasn't currently freaking the fuck out. Nope, nah, only focused on the present, which for some reason happened to be first watch with Sam.

It had been a reflex, really, the part where she had called dibs. Some stupid impulse to watch his back. Of course, the moment she had opened her mouth, Dee realised it would've been better to take a different shift: she could've slept soundly, knowing Sam was awake, and vice versa. Too fucking late now, especially since he was getting talkative.

Her eyebrow had already flown up at the mention of these people, but the following explanation nearly made her eyes pop out of their sockets. Huh. Sounded like baby Sammy was all grown up, and getting laid on the regular. A silly sense of pride sparked inside her.

"Wow. I thought you were meant to become a lawyer, marry some 5 foot chick with a tight ass, have a couple of kids kids, and pretend the world isn't an awful fucking place."

Short chuckle escaped her, and she gave his shoulder a soft shove. Unbelievable. Not just the threeway business, but the fact her brother just came out to her. And that wasn't a bad thing either, really, although it pricked a little to see how comparatively easy it seemed to be for him.

Hunting was a bit of a boys' club after all - the old timey, blue collar boys' club of lumberjacks and truckers and railroad men, except everyone had twice the trauma. Dee had long since figured she had to be like "one of the boys" to avoid all sort of shit. If word got out that she was into women? Yeah, fuck that noise. (And it didn't help that a little voice in her head claimed dad wouldn't like knowing his daughter had been deflowered years ago.)

Deanna caught herself then, having fallen face first into her head, and all the ugly crap that swam around inside. She plastered a wry smile back on her face.

"You going back to your little harem after we're done here?"


Sam Winchester

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Sam couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped him, as Deanna so crudely described the plan he had come up with when he decided against the hunting life at age fourteen. There was something refreshing about his sister’s candid attitude compared to his life back at Stanford where outside of Brady and Jessica certain social niceties always had to be observed. “That was the plan, still is the plan… kinda. I just met Brady and one thing led to another…” He decided to stop there, as he figured the last thing Deanna wanted to hear about was his sex life. 

Sam couldn’t help but sigh in relief when he processed the causal nature of her response. The shaggy haired Winchester didn’t think he could have borne it had Deanna looked at him with the disgust of a homophobe. It was a look he was quite certain he would get from his father if he was unfortunate enough to encounter the man again. From Sam’s perspective, John had been the stereotypical heterosexual male; he tolerated homosexuality between females because he found it arousing while openly grimacing at any sign of affection between two men. 

“That was the plan, yeah” he agreed softly while bracing himself for some backlash from the blond. Deanna had been just as strongly opposed to the idea of him leaving the family business as their dad after all. “What about you?” He quickly added in a bid to distract Deanna before an argument erupted. “Are you still hunting with dad or found someone special to run around with instead?” The shaggy haired Winchester couldn’t imagine his sister leaving the hunting life. She had embraced it, unlike him, and for that reason he could never imagine her finding something beyond a one night stand with a civilian. No, if Deanna was to be happy she’d have to hook up with another hunter who could understand the difficulties of the life she led. 

“Were you with dad when you disappeared? Do you think he’s looking for us, I mean you?” Sam may have his problems with the man on a personal level, but if there was one person who could be depended on to have the wits and fortitude to rescue them it was John Winchester.