A day in the park

Started by Kaleth Blackwell at 17 Feb, 2021 20:21
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Kaleth Blackwell

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It had been about a few days. His mind had still not settled quite as much as he had liked. The event in his school and right after that the cabin made it difficult to actually calm down. He had different nightmares every night. The most memorable was the one where he burned every single person he touched.

There existed a world within this same world. Every fairy tale could be true. He had a curiosity, but he didn’t know if he wanted out of it or if he wanted to be mingled deeper in it. His heart and soul said that he shouldn’t follow the path, but his curiosity wanted him to wander the path deeper and deeper.

It was currently day time. The sky was dark mostly clouded as if it was about to rain. The sun was nowhere to be found. Kaleth Blackwell sat in the park on a bench having his eyes over the big lake that was right in front of him. Too be more precise, he had his feet on the bench and sat on the leaning. He held a bag with different kinds of candy as he couldn’t pick today.

His eyes followed the flow of the water, while taking candy after candy as his mind was first of all thinking back on his nightmare, the fire. He was able to cause that fire to appear or at least he thought so. The flames that burned the bullies faces the moment he was beaten up as if it was a bomb that was just awaiting to explode and it exploded that moment, but in the cabin he had couldn’t gain access over it, which rendered him somewhat useless once again in a dangerous scenario. It gave him a cheeky little smile for a moment when he thought about the faces of real enemies if he could just burn them with an orb of fire or by a simple touch. He would’ve been invisible.

“How can I do it again?”


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The Black Eyed Demon had been quite surprised when he received new instructions from his Master during their most recent conversation by means of a blood filled goblet. His master confirmed what Pytho had suspected, but not officially known for a while now. There were psychics other than Maya who had drawn the Yellow Eyed Demon’s attention for unknown reasons. Not only that, but one of them was in need of a mentor. Apparently, the Demon who had been assigned to watch this boy had done something to earn Azazel’s ire and had been dragged to the pit for punishment at Alastair’s hand. Pytho shuddered at the thought of the White Eyed Demon. He hoped to never find himself at the mercy of Hell’s inquisitor again. 

And that was how the Demon in his fifth century of life found himself in a town a few hours away from the home of his current meat suit Nathan Moore. Pytho was clad in a pair of light blue jeans and a black t-shirt, which was accompanied by a leather jacket. It wasn’t the type of outfit people would have expected of a successful business man like Nathan, but then he had decided to introduce Kaleth to Pytho rather than his meatsuit. From what Pytho had learnt of the boy (through a quick social media search) the boy was on a precipice and appearing to him as his true self would be the best way of making him fall off it as his master wanted. 

Pytho smirked as he spotted the boy in question sitting on a bench with a pack of candy in hand. Today’s youth were so innocent compared to the generations that came before. There was a time when the societal norm was for a boy Kaleth’s age to have a wife and multiple children to support. The idea of sitting on a bench eating sweets would have been unthinkable in those long past days.

“It feels good doesn’t it” he offered with a wicked smirk. His eyes turned pitch black as he took a seat beside the Psychic before they reverted to the light brown of his vessel moments later. It felt like an age since he had wanted one of the humans to know they were in the presence of pure evil. “The feeling of power that comes with punishing those who wrong you, of being able to show those who would oppress you where the true power lies” the words were spoken with an almost wistful tone. As though the Black Eyed Demon was recalling occasions when he’d been able to display such power. “The name’s Pytho by the way. Tell me Kaleth, would you like to know how to access that power again?”