Black-eyes day?

Started by Kaleth Blackwell at 18 Feb, 2021 20:23
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Kaleth Blackwell

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It had been a few days. His thoughts were clashing one after the other. The event in his school was terrible, but at the same time absolutely magnificent. Who was able to blast fire from their hands? Yeah, most likely nobody. The Cabin was a dangerous lesson that was learned. The world had many mysteries and Kaleth was in the middle of it all.

Kaleth Blackwell had these weird thoughts lately. Were people watching him in the dark. It felt like some adults were standing still and just watching him. It was extremely creepy and uncomforting. They seemed to look like the folklore of the Black-eyed Children or so he had found on the web. They were usually found only in younger stages, not adults. They were supposed to make people mysteriously vanish or something like that. He had to keep his doors and windows closed and that should’ve been good enough.

Currently it was around 8 PM. The sky was dark. The lamps at the street were shining a bright light The sun was nowhere to be found. Kaleth Blackwell was once again in the park. It was really a place for him to collect himself and even though he knew that people were following him. They didn’t seem to search for interaction with him.

His eyes followed person on the opposite side of the water, while actually eating some fries. He couldn’t make up his mind and took three sauces. Would they kidnap him? Would they be the same group that kidnapped him in the first place? What were they watching him for?