A Little Tormented

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Things had become a tad stagnant in terms of progress, the big plan as it were, and to say her father wasn’t happy was a deep understatement. He expected his pawns to be in play and be ready for when the time was right, but not everyone was getting the message as Sam Winchester was still attached to life at Stanford. Without knowing the full story, her father’s ambitions for Sam, she knew what her orders were and that was to see what was happening in Stanford that kept him tied to its limits. Meg knew her duty and headed for Stanford to make her presence felt in a way and see what the big deal was about Sam. 


Meg was experienced enough to track down Sam without much of a headache, and she did so in a neutral spot. She didn’t need to plant herself into his world aggressively or too obviously as for it to be notable, but at the same time she did need a route in to see what all the fuss was about. He was cute for a human, tall and handsome, but she wasn’t here sourcing eye candy for the prom, but to mingle. Meg approached with confidence having just recently retrieved her drink from the bar, she executed her plan which was stumbling into one tall and handsome Sam Winchester and making a strategic spill in the process. 


“Whoa. That is...I’m such a klutz.” Meg immediately went for the apology while looking at the mess she had created, purposely of course, with feint concern. She reached out a free hand and slightly nervous, wanted to pat dry his now alcohol soaked shirt. “Fuck. I am sorry...I..I need to pay for this.” Meg was all apologetic in her tone and expression while also adding a strong hint of innocence feeling that it suited the situation. It was perhaps an unorthodox way to introduce herself but hopefully the fool play worked to open the door.

Sam Winchester

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Sam Winchester was pissed

The youngest Winchester was angry with himself, he was angry with the world and he was especially angry with the thing that had brought nothing but heartache and pain to his life since he was six-months-old. How could this have happened? Jess was dead, burned to the point only her dental records could confirm the body was hers, and Brady was in hospital recovering from his own wounds. Dean had disappeared off to God knows where with only a quick murmur he’d be back soon after listening to a mysterious voice message. 

Sam was supposed to be staying with friends, but he’d soon grown tired of the sympathetic looks and constant tip toeing around him. It only made him feel worse. It made him feel as though they thought he was some sort of wild beast liable to snap at any moment. And so Sam did what any good Winchester did; he snuck out the back door while they were using the toilet. After some consideration, the shaggy haired twenty-two-year ultimately settled on a bar he occasionally frequented with friends. It would provide him with booze, lots of it, and be crowded enough to allow him to fade into the background. This was something that could be quite difficult thanks to his six foot five frame. 

Sam was sitting in the corner with a pint of beer on hand dwelling on his loss when he felt wetness on his clothing. “Watch where you’re going” he snapped with a sharpness that was practically unheard of from the younger Winchester. His expression softened as she offered to pay. “Sorry, it’s been a shitty day, but I shouldn’t take it out on you.” He looked forlorn as he thought of how Jessica would tear him a new one if she saw him taking his anger out on a total stranger. “Don’t worry about replacing it… it was getting pretty worn anyway” the words offered with a shrug. Under normal circumstances Sam may have been irked by the loss of a top. Living on an academic scholarship topped up by occasional bar shifts did not make for a life of luxury. However, he had more pressing concerns to deal with right now.

“I’m Sam by the way” he offered with a charming smile, which didn’t reach his eyes, as he extended a hand for her to take. “And you are?” He asked curiously before adding upon hearing her answer. “So what brings you to a place like this? Waiting on some friends or?”